1. Multiple level of knowledge accumulation and 100% knowledge transfer to GDN customer.

Our knowledge source comes from carrying out industry trends, academic and scientific research. We ensure to obtain specific knowledge at all levels before building a strategy to develop break-through technology. Creating maximum value and more importantly, all solutions are tailored to your company.
We use communication software, to ensure that our customers are with us at each step of the journey. You will be able to keep track of every decision, documents, e-mails, technology development performance simulations, partnership details, and all the other nitty gritty of developing a breakthrough technology.
We learn with you in building something mesmerising.

2. Big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain based core structure.

With access to hundreds of million points of data, which we make sense of through artificial intelligence. Shining a light on the horizon of cutting-edge technology that we strive towards.
Continuously refining our ability understand hindsight to correctly predict the future.
All our contracts, as well as, financial transactions with our customers and partners are done through blockchain technology. Providing transparency and preventing corruption.



3. Leading a unique work culture for this industry.

We boast the engineering of a modern organisation culture, which we have learnt from innovative companies from around the world, furthermore, implementing behaviour and communication methods which were invented at GDN Intelligence.
We believe relationships thrive under 100% radical transparency. As a customer, you will know exactly everything that is related to your project. As an employee, we are completely at one with each other.
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