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All our deliverables are innovative, customised to the organisation and represent original work based on significant effort, due diligence and expertise.

Materials are not reused from previous projects. All contents are researched and tailored to the details of your organisation.

We empower the client with specialised knowledge of technology or techniques that will benefit the client in operational or strategic activities.

We build bridges with you and our teams, enhancing communication through formal techniques that add processes to complement existing organisational project management approaches.

With you, together, we are responsible to foster your independence. Allowing you take over from our consultants seamlessly.

Our markups are clear with our culture of transparency, breaking down exactly how our consultants are paid and where all the cost is broken down and accounted for.

Proposed fee is completely based on the tailored approach to the smallest details for you.

Our priority is serving you in that moment. We believe if we can deliver on our promises today, you will trust us to come back tomorrow.

GDN Intelligence being a global organisation, sometimes we can be a complex organisation.

Our consultants take into account the environment in which they are working and balance their project against your organisational priorities. In this way, the organisation can adapt to the changes caused by the presence of the consultant while not significantly disrupting their other work.

We have partnered with online applications to allow live tracking of project status by just one click. Reducing last minute shocks and advance awareness of where the project path is heading.

Your reputation reflects our reputation. Our initial consultation  takes into account everything that should go right and potential risks. Nothing is guaranteed in any situations, however we can put risk control in to action, immediately.

All management layers have been removed. However we do believe in leadership, but not so much in management.

The chain of command and the hierarchy of our organisation are respected. Our expert consultants have the trust and ability to put initiative in to action. Our execution time is accelerated at the highest level of quality.

Our consultants do not need to interact directly with the board or senior management for every little things.

Our team relationships are built on transparency and mutual understanding. All our consultants have a greater degree of control over their workspace.

GDN Intelligence prioritises our staff before profit. Reflected by our transparent revenue and cost breakdown.

We noticed that people still found it difficult to claim that freedom, so we rigorously addressed the issue and established a structure of autonomous teams.

Consulting work is a tough path at times, on the 9 hour shifts, putting in 12-18 hour shifts at times is not an alien situation. We found that – when we let out staff be responsible for their own action, productivity and happiness rises together.

Family and being active in what we love is the motivation to earn and work. Within our team, they control how they work. Each team update each other via online Trello/Slack/Asana – each individual with in a team are collectively responsible for executing to deadlines.

Understanding at times, not everyone will get along. This is why we encourage teams to debate opinions openly in a constructive way. When not possible, you can put over anonymous feedback to us here .

These initiatives may induce a better work/life balance. On the one hand, this is good because you see people burn out less quickly, but on the other hand, it also means that people will work harder.


Unlimited holidays fitted perfectly into the way we are pioneering working environment.

Holiday requests, approvals and registration took up a lot of time, so GDN Intelligence have decided to give our employees complete freedom. The only condition is that they have to consult within their team before they actually take time off.

These initiatives may induce a better work/life balance. On the one hand, this is good because you see people burn out less quickly, but on the other hand, it also means that people will work harder.

Our staff often have the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world. With the freedom, we see they look proactively at workplace planning issues. They feel far more responsible towards their colleagues.

Our consultants work closely together to organise their time table and work location on their specific activities and work load.

Many of our consultants help each other in creating their own projects and business. We encourage and empower our consultant to turn their idea in to a reality.

If it’s an idea we can actively support, we will supply these services to our clients or incorporate in to a new GDN Intelligence Platform .