Initial Consultation

To learn more about what we do, you can email us and request a callback.
We carry out 3 initial consultation sessions. Throughout which, we understand your requirement and organisation structure. Allowing us to work out a plan of tailored strategy, research approach and specific expertise we can provide.
Please note, we will visit the location of your organisation during session 1 and require you to visit us in London during session 2. Travel is covered under costs.

Session 1

Learn about your personal and organisational goals, strategies and the non-negotiables. Understanding the envisions of your desired transformation.

Session 2

With you and your management team, we analyse the draft report we will have created, discussing the feasibility of transformation strategies.

Session 3

We discuss and amend the step by step roadmap of development for your organisation. Identifying key goals, partnerships and setting a timescale for your transformation.
You can book our initial consultation sessions at £33,753.52, relative to the exchange rate of your country currency rate and scheduled travel expenditures.
We also provide premium in-depth initial consultation, please ask for more details.


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Transparency and detailed consultation cost breakdown

Management Team Consultation Fee

Pre-Session No.1 Draft Deep Tech Report

Additional expenditures

Admin Cost

Total GDN Intel Session 1 Cost: £5814.37

Management Team Consultation Fee

Post Session No.2 Your Company and Deep Tech Report

Client travel expenditure cover we provide
*We also have a ‘Premium Initial Consultation’ options

Additional expenditure

Admin Cost

Total GDN Intel Session 2 Cost: £8920.44

Management team consultation fee

Research team fee

Additional Expenditures

Admin Cost

Total GDN Intel Session 3 Cost: £8376.95

Revenue total of all sessions: £33,753.52
Total Cost: £23,111.76
Corporate Tax (19%): £6,413.17
Gross Profit: £4228.59
Net Profit is relative to additional client related expenditures.
Our belief is to build a mutual trust, all initial consultation will be under a non disclosure agreement. Available online here, please ensure you have signed before making any online payments. You can contact us for more information.