Inventing new standards in R&D services.

GDN is a specialised global research and development firm, working with medium enterprises.
We enable industry leaders to create a strategy, develop and implement breakthrough technologies. Helping our customers to fuel technology advancements and define the next industrial revolution.
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GDN Process

GDN radically advances industries with the core belief of providing fair access to research and development. We create 7-10x value for each project by implementing the democratic and decentralised approach. We do so through the GDN process combined with our unique approach and employee culture.

We focus on working with medium enterprises. Understanding that large companies are investing millions on R&D and small companies are filled with talents carrying out work in-house, we help you when you are stuck in the digitisation crosshair.

By helping you to understand the possibilities across the globe, we carry out tailored research outlining how we can develop breakthrough technologies.

The minimum starting cost of Industry and Academic Research: £32,753.00.

Working with a global community of academics and scientist, we extensively test all technology theories.

The minimum starting cost of Scientific Research: £25,000.00

In-house lab creation of prototypes to test all verified theories as products or services.

Starting cost of Engineering Research: £60,000.00

GDN provides expertise in creating strategies, ensuring our customers can implement new technology and continue to execute planned actions.

Our strategy allows speed, scale, and value. We aim to be able to move rapidly with precision.

Please contact us for the minimum starting cost of Transformation Strategy*

*GDN services are quality focused.  All transformation strategies are dependent on various factors and the complexity of your required R&D process. For ‘transformation and implementation strategy’, the minimum starting cost will carefully fluctuate between £180,000.00 – £720,000.00. We will be able to give specific costs following our ‘initial consultation’. Please contact us for more information.



By embedding strong values and a radical shift in our work environment and R&D industry, our services are executed through inventive rules and standards. Learn more about why you should work with us.

Our 3 Pillars Of Invention

1. Multiple level of knowledge accumulation and 100% knowledge transfer to clients.
2. Big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain are at the core of GDN business model.
3. Inventors of unique work culture for R&D industry with 100% radical transparency.
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Suppliers and Platform

We strive to offer our customers the ultimate bespoke solution. GDN relies on a network of leading organisations. Guaranteeing the best service and know-how on deep technology development.
20% of GDN profit goes towards funding our employee intrepreneurship and advanced personal development. See our internal platforms they have created to date here.


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