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GDN Intelligence is the only firm to bring traditional management consulting to the new frontier. We excel over

We excel over the competition through bringing global industry thought leaders, expert consultants, utilising the power of big data, hunting global industry trends/innovations and adding artificial intelligence into the mix. Providing insightful knowledge and allowing you to make faster decisions.

Our relationships and trust are created on the transparent models we have built, something we are very proud of. It is the foundation of our partnership with you.

We’ve made public our salaries, weekly improvements, revenue and our favourite is transparency of pricing, which allows you to know exactly where your money goes at each project.

In addition, we, we also keep you posted with your own road map of the solution we provide. When we partner with you, with a single click, we can find out at which stage of the delivery GDN Intelligence are at.


We have combined 3 different markets to carve a niche and to become the best management consulting firm. Our combination of:

  1. Management Consulting
  2. Trends and Innovation Hunting/Research
  3. Big Data Analysis from 150+ million points and Artificial Intelligence

Making GDN Intelligence the only firm in the global market to do so and continuously redefining and disrupting at the frontier of change.


We have the best team and partnership at our disposal in combination with a focused range of solutions. We believe in the best quality. In the case, where we think the ability is not there to be able to provide the highest quality, we will refer you on to the next best organisation who can help you.


All potential GDN Intelligence customers go through a stringent assessment. We work with you only when we both agree the best solutions we provide to your need are feasible and executable.


We protect customer rights through smart contract; a computable contract that has been made tamper-proof by being run on a decentralized computing network.

Contracts as code that are tamper-proof, able to self-verify their own conditions and self-execute by releasing payment to the appropriate party.

Smart contracts run on node networks beyond the control of a contract’s participants, assuring that the contract will be executed as it was written once performance occurs.

Self-verifying in its evaluation and provable recording that contractual performance has occurred. Recording performance in real-time as it is reflected in various pre-defined data feeds (e.g., price, location, events, etc.)

Self-executing in its performance of the contract by releasing payment to the appropriate party once key conditions have been met. Smart contracts are uniquely tamper-proof because they are run and/or stored on a network of computers that is beyond the influence of the contract’s participants. Since none of the contract’s participants can influence the smart contract beyond the actual performance of their obligations, all of the participants can trust that this type of contract will be executed as it was written.

The network of computers running and/or storing a smart contract can be as large as the Bitcoin network pictured above, or as small as three nodes run by a contract’s participants. Tamper resistance is achieved when only one of the contract participants cannot stop the smart contract from self-verifying and/or self-executing. The value provided by large networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum is that it is considered nearly impossible that a single contract participant could influence a network of 6000+ nodes exclusively in their favour.


We try to may your life simple as possible in achieving the change you desire. Your roadmap as a customer with GDN Intelligence:

  1. We provide as much information on how GDN Intelligence solutions can help you achieve the change you desire for your organisation through our website, team and e-mail.
  2. 4 session initial consultation – working with you to figure out what we will do for you.
  3. Solution contact confirmation if GDN Intelligence solutions are right for you.
  4. All the following steps are tailored to you. We keep you posted with your unique roadmap of the solution we provide. When we partner with you, with a single click, we can find out at exactly which stage of the delivery GDN Intelligence are at.


Our success is reflected by your success. Not only a GDN Intelligence customer but also our partners.


With our promise of transparency, we provide exactly how every penny is being spent. We take a full/monthly payment – dependent on the solutions we provide.

We do our best to prevent payment problems in the first place, all client track record of successful payment qualifies them for access to further solutions and support.

However, a customer may experience disruptions due to unexpected circumstances, resulting in the inability to make a payment/instalments on the date it is due. When a customer misses a payment, we issue a courtesy reminder by email within one week of the missed payment’s due date. We do our best to get in touch with you, understand the circumstances that caused the missed payment and agree to a reasonable payment plan.

If needed, we may request mediation from the local legal base or/and the referral personal is involved. As a last resort, we may opt to pursue legal action following local regulations in each country.

GDN Intelligence adheres to the Client Protection Principles for fair and respectful recovery practices. Our payment recovery methods include reminders, mediation and other contacts that referred the customer, and judicial process. We will never engage in harassment, abusive language, threats, or seizure of property without a court order.


We have 100s of consultants globally, however, all solution payments are processed through our online platform. Any direct payment take is done through GDN Intelligence office and GDN INTELLIGENCE bank account. We do not take any payments through independent consultant bank accounts.


GDN Intelligence is always are looking for ways to collaborate with bright minds. If you think you can make a difference at GDN Intelligence, you can find our career page.

Our aim is to build 100% trust in our employees and consultants, we give you the initiatives to carry our responsibilities. We let you make your own decision.

We also encourage intrapreneurship, see our platform #WeekendHack. We provide WeekendHack support every 2 months to our employees. Exciting projects are supported through GDN Intelligence platforms and we invest in 1 idea every 6 months.


The costs associated with physical offices are one of the main sources of expense for traditional global firms. Providing our services through key global locations and working in partnership with internet communication platforms allow us to eliminate this cost and bring in the best consultant who suit your needs.


You can contact us at info@gdnintel.com or you can view our Contact Us page.