What is deep technology

Developing deep technology is the process of combining existing disruptive technology, such as artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning with the research methods of scientific and engineering to create break-through technology.
Ther provide revolutionary solutions, which redefines and profoundly impact industries and citizens.


Development of deep technology

Deep technology is developed as a result of fundamental scientific discovery or meaningful engineering innovation.
These technologies are often developed from research and lab testing and solve previously-intractable real-world problems, e.g. medical devices and drugs that cure disease and extend life; artificial intelligence to forecast natural disasters such as earthquakes; and clean energy solutions that can help stem global warming etc.
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Examples of deep technology

This artificial intelligence company created a neural network that imitates the way the human brain works and learns to play video games. The technology is capable of learning on its own, without any human interventions.
Lilium Aviation
This aviation startup wants to completely change the way people travel. It is developing the world’s first fully electric jet with vertical take-off and landing (VTOL).  Eliminating congestion and pollution from cities, and offer inter-city travel that is faster than public transportation.
Gel-e Life Sciences
This company develops medical products that stop bleeding in a fast, clean and safe manner. It uses biomaterials and designs treatments for wounds with a wide range of uses.
Dark Trace
Applying machine learning to cyberdefense, Dark Trace uses artificial intelligence to stop cybercrimes “before they occur.” Founded by mathematicians from the University of Cambridge, the company uses algorithms inspired by the human immune system to create defense systems for the corporate world’s computer networks.
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