Our purpose

GDN’s was born from the research of 15,000 companies and industry leaders. To reflect these findings GDN invented a new service standard through our 5 foundation pillars.

Discovering development barriers

You turn to research and development consulting firms with the desired result of leading the next industrial revolution. Ability to fuel technology advancements and provide ground-breaking services. Yet our findings show that you are often left disappointed.
Facing delayed execution time with poor delivery results, lack of knowledge transfer of the full development process. In most cases, the consultants are ‘project specialists’ and not industry experts. All this topped off with disproportionate high fees.

GDN Intelligence is that invented formula

Understanding this has led us to create 5 Pillars of Invention – click here to find out more.
Through the use of new cutting-edge technology at our core business model, multiple layers of knowledge accumulation, and a distinctive independent work culture. All of which is underlined with a commitment to 100% radical transparency, has resulted in removing the majority of the obstacles you face.
Permitting the implementation of a truly democratic and decentralised approach in dominating the development of breakthrough technology. We aim to create 7-10x value on each project, holding GDN accountable for every penny you spend and ensure you understand every step we take.
You can learn more by contacting us at your nearest office.