Position Your Company For The Future

In the 4th industrial revolution, companies in engineering and construction need to respond with the changing technology and automation.

Companies are thinking outside the blocks to achieve growth and lower costs. Doing so through expansion, innovation, lean business, operating models and other areas. Resulting in a better quality delivery of products, projects, and services at higher speeds.



Understanding how this industry will transform with advancing technology, we look to provide new ways of tackling problems. From creating strategic building blocks for digitalisation, lean manufacturing, supply chain transformation, we help you to reinvent your company to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

We provide a range of solutions tailored to the changing engineering and infrastructure industry in the new industrial revolution.


GDN Intel’s unique approach

All our solutions are designed to help you create successful organisation transformation, build new speed of adoption to market shift and efficiently keep ahead of competitive industry opportunities, trends and innovations. We become your partners in implementing smart and insight based strategies.

GDN Intel’s business and market intelligence rely on our Trends and Innovations Lab and partnership with thought leading global organisations which allow us to analyse big data collected from 150+ millions of points globally. Making us fast moving, fast working and have a collaborative culture to provide you with a new speed of result.