Creating A Change Based Growth

The shift in the industry makes it increasingly difficult for medical technology companies rely on old growth and profitability routes. Leading to exploring unique opportunities to overcome challenges and provide value based health care.

With increasing knowledge among customers, medical technology companies are being challenged to fundamentally transform the way they operate to keep competitive and profits.



New product and business model innovations, structured merger and acquisition activities, and a stronger focus on operational excellence are required to win. We focus on vision and strategy, change management, R&D process efficiency and new commercial models.

Providing expertise to survive and thrive in a changing environment. We provide an understanding of the mico-sectors within this industry to allow you the planning ability.

We provide a range of other solutions tailored to technology companies changing the medical industries.


GDN Intel’s unique approach

All our solutions are designed to help you create successful organisation transformation, build new speed of adoption to market shift and efficiently keep ahead of competitive industry opportunities, trends and innovations. We become your partners in implementing smart and insight based strategies.

GDN Intel’s business and market intelligence rely on our Trends and Innovations Lab and partnership with thought leading global organisations which allow us to analyse big data collected from 150+ millions of points globally. Making us fast moving, fast working and have a collaborative culture to provide you with a new speed of result.