We Help You Unravel Trends To Accelerate Innovation


Develop Products, Services & Campaigns As A Futurists

We help 100s of organisations spot and navigate through the next wave of billion pound growth through tracking trends in their industry.

By sharing of global market trends and data collected from 150+ millions of points globally, we give you the insights to shape the future. Helping you
to leverage global hot and blind spots into product development and business strategy.

Understand and lead horizon of opportunities in your industry and market space with regular industry reports and trend based services we provide.

Industry Research

Cultivate industry trends and innovation. We provide you with frequent custom "Trends and Innovation Report" for full industry insight. This provides the pace and transformation within your industry, giving you the courage to navigate global obstacles and opportunities.

Understanding Trends

The goal of making you a market leader today & long-term future. With on-demand access to innovation specialists and workshops, we help you to understand global trends and build data driven strategies. Create accelerated plan to innovate effectively.

Prototype, Test & Build

Saving you time, money and energy. With our art & science of trend spotting, we help you prototype, test & build groundbreaking products/services/campaigns better and faster. GDN also provides you with access to market space across 400+ global cities.

All of GDN solutions are also supported by data collected from this platform.

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We provide packaged or tailored Trends and Innovation solutions.
To find out what we can do for you, contact us at innovation@gdnintel.com or contact our team near you.