Leap Into Insightful Decisions of Big Data Analysis

With the ease of access to technology has led the generation of an unimaginable amount of data. Carefully analysed with focus, big data is transforming businesses and industries.  It has allowed the ability to unlock tremendous understanding behind the numbers collected and solve the toughest challenges.
Organizations building ecosystems of partners and vendors, the time has come to value data as a strategic asset that can help you win. They are using this data to make decisions on which strategy models will effectively create a better organisation and correct implementation of technology.


We know how to effectively analyse data based strategic assets and identify previously unforeseen opportunities.
With the power of data, you can change how your business in your industry.  We help you to translate data and identify patterns so you can more accurately assess consumer behaviour, lead insightful decisions for accelerated growth and maximised values.
We provide a variety of solutions which are tailored to a range of industries.

GDN Intel’s unique approach

Our solutions and industry intelligence rely on our 5 foundation pillarsplatforms, and our suppliers. This allows us to analyse collected data from 150+ millions of points globally.
Making us fast moving, fast working and have a collaborative culture to provide our customers quick and quality based results.
We become our customer’s partner in creating transformation, new speed of adoption to market shifts and efficiently keep ahead of competitive industry opportunities, trends, and innovations.