Building Advanced Capabilities To Gain Competitive Edge

Excellence in procurement requires a deeper look at internal needs and supply market capabilities and collaborations.

Businesses manage prices in volatile markets, technology based disruption and increasing competition on a global scale. Yet by sustainable and efficient procurement standards in quality or service can be maintained and improved.

For a Better procurement model, companies are looking at a more sustainable path to profitability. Through transformation effort, focusing on end-to-end cost reductions and ensuring the security of raw materials have resulted in savings and increased efficiency.



We solve some of biggest challenges in procurement, one being the suppliers that hold tremendous leverage.

Identifying an unbeatable supplier who has leverages in market power to increase profitability at the expense of their clients. We help you identify what you can do in this situation to remain competitive and reduce your procurement costs.

Achieving excellence in procurement is vital to remaining competitive and profitable over the long term.

We offer a variety of solutions that build your procurement capabilities to streamline the process and reduce costs, as well as, create a competitive advantage.

We provide a variety of solutions which are tailored to a range of industries.


GDN Intel’s unique approach

All our solutions are designed to help you create successful organisation transformation, build new speed of adoption to market shift and efficiently keep ahead of competitive industry opportunities, trends and innovations. We become your partners in implementing smart and insight based strategies.

GDN Intel’s business and market intelligence rely on our Trends and Innovations Lab and partnership with thought leading global organisations which allow us to analyse big data collected from 150+ millions of points globally. Making us fast moving, fast working and have a collaborative culture to provide you with a new speed of result.