Knowledge Stones To The Future

Our initial Academic Research at stage 1, we recognised the options of how your deep technology ideas can be developed. Findings of these options allow us to modify and advance our approach towards turning your deep technology ideas towards a tangible reality.
At stage 2, through Scientific Research, we build an understanding these options. With access to global universities, states of the art testing and analysis, we identifying best options suited to your technological advancements plans. Finding towards decision making on how they can be applied to further develop your Transformation Strategy.
Stage 3, we focus on Engineering Research. Post accumulation of the knowledge from previous stages, we have a better grasp on which of the theories can be best applied towards the development process. At this stage, we build prototypes and test all theories.
Once the idea is successfully explored, understood, tested and multiple deep technology prototypes created, we are able to directly implement them into your business model.

Our Solution

The foundation of all our deep technology development solutions is based on the understanding gathered from multiple knowledge accumulations. Through these stages, we build core understanding to develop your transformation strategy. Core research stages are:
Stage 1  Academic Research: Building theories and best option on how your organisation can develop the breakthrough technology.
Stage 2  Scientific Reseach: Ultimate goal at this stage is to understand the theories and how they can be applied.
Stage 3  Engineering Research: With the understanding gathered from academic and scientific research, we apply the understandings to build prototypes and test these options.

GDN Intel’s unique approach

We invent a new standard of service within the disruptive technology consulting industry. We do so through our 5 foundation pillars, GDN platforms, and our suppliers. Click here to learn more about GDN Intelligence.
Engineering an environment to thrive with our customers, employees and partners. Accelerating adoption of breakthrough technology. Helping you define the next century with deep technology. Click here for more information on Deep Technology.
We become partners in pushing boundaries and defining the next century through technology.